Chilli Hills CAROLINA REAPER Dried Hot Chili Peppers. Worlds Hottest Chillies grown in our Family Farm and precisely dehydrated to preserve the flavour. 15 to 18 whole pods in a Glass Jar

  • Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest chilli pepper in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records with a heat level of over 2M SHU – Heat Level 10+ (2 200 000+ SHU)
  • It is a deadly hybrid created (breeded) by the crossbreer between Pakistani “Naga” and red “Habanero”. It’s flavor is extremely intense with a fruity aroma.
  • Soak in hot water for 10 – 20 minutes and grind it into flakes. Than it is ready to be added to any meal or salad, to infuse chilli oil or a dip.
  • The amazing flavor and aroma of our Carolina Reaper dried hot chilli peppers are preserved in a glass jar that can be reused. 100 % natural product, GMO and Gluten Free; with no preservatives, colorants or thickeners; Vegan suitable
  • Challenge yourself trying the hottest chilli peppers in the world. Just don’t forget to have a glass of milk close because you will definitely need it!


Chilli Hills Foods Ltd.
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