• The highest expression of vinegar cruet righteous family. One drop contains time and passion, those of the generations that preceded us. Extraordinarily complex and full-bodied brown color and bright is able to offer a rich and harmonious crescendo of fragrances. So sweet and velvety as to enhance any recipe.
  • Ingredients: Cooked must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. Aging: At least 25 years in barrels of increasing battery capacity and different wood types, according to the « reinforcements method and racking ». Draw a limited amount from the smallest barrel.
  • Serving suggestions: To be savored alone or sipped in drips. Flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano, grilled shellfish, ripe strawberries, ice creams.
  • The oldest manufacturer in the world. According to the records of the time, already in the ‘500 the Giusti family produced delicacies for the best Emilian tables. The official foundation of the house dates back to 1605. Italian Ambassador. While Belle-Époque celebrated the art and pleasure of the board, the Balsamic Vinegars Giusti conquered the middle bourgeoisie Europe, garnering awards at international fairs and exhibitions.
  • The recipe for balsamic vinegar cruet mastery, a secret passed down orally from father to son over the centuries. An ancient knowledge, intangible heritage of Modena, made of gestures and unwritten traditions that the Giusti family have maintained with care and dedication. The Great Warehouse A « timber » treasure, each imbued with the right flavor and history. Antique barrels dating back to 1600, 1700 and 1800 that give life to the oldest collection in the world.


Giuseppe Giusti
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