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  • Extra virgin olive Biologic oil is obtained by squeezing various varieties of olives carefully selected among the best Italian cultivars from organic farming, harvested from the early days of November
  • It is obtained from the squeezing of different varieties of olives from organic farming and milled within 24 hours from collection with cold extraction
  • The final product is an oil with a delicate scent and a taste with sweet feelings, with light notes of spicy
  • The certification issued by the ICEA covers the entire production chain that is fully controlled by the company to ensure the consumer an excellent extravirgin. The final product is an oil with a delicate scent and a taste with sweet sensations and with light spicy notes. It blends perfectly with each dish whether it is raw or cooked
  • From the excellence of Umbrian territory, extraordinary virgin olive oils are born, with great body and finesse. Alfonso Priorelli products are the result of a careful selection of the best olives and processing techniques that enhance their taste


Alfonso Priorelli

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