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  • Try our NEW vegan, gluten-free alternative to Chocolate Nut butter cups. Each of the 12 packs contains 3 candies of 13g, making them perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Bett'r pralines contain carefully selected organic ingredients. No refined sugar and no artificial flavors.
  • The creamy center of nut tahini combined with irresistible vegan chocolate make the NEW Bett'r product series an irresistible temptation! The finishing touch is a tiny pinch of salt in the recipe of each dessert to bring out even more the overall captivating taste.
  • Bett`r is a brand inspired by our desire to offer healthy alternatives to traditional snacking products and provide a delicious, guilt-free experience for all snack lovers.
  • Ingredients: coconut sugar, roasted peanuts (28%), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut flour, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, salt. from organic farming.
  • Nutritional values(per 100g): Energy value – 2505kj / 604kcal, Fat - 46g (of which saturated fatty acids - 25g ). Carbohydrates - 31g (of which Sugars - 27g), Fiber - 7.2g, Protein - 12g, Salt - 0.17g


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