Great taste! This unique recipe from Captain Kombucha combines lemons naturally with a spicy cayenne pepper to provide a rich explosion of flavor.
Captain Kombucha is a delicious naturally fermented drink, hand-made to perfection in our facilities in the western Pacific Ocean.
Each bottle is created and fermented with our own culture and with only certified BIO ingredients of the highest quality.
Ingredients: Water Filtered by Reverse Osmosis, Pure Cultivation of Kombucha Live (Bacteria and Yeasts), Green Tea *, Carbon Dioxide, Sugar Cane * (Transformed During Fermentation) and Cayenne Extract *. (*) From Ecological Agriculture
Nutritional Values: Energy Value-100kJ / 23.6kcal-Carbohydrates 5.9 g Of which Sugars 5.9 g-Greases 0 g Of which Saturated 0 g-Proteins 0 g, -Salt 0 g


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